Food Safety

Joseph P. Sullivan & Co., Inc. is committed to all aspects of food safety and quality control. Each packinghouse has implemented a Food Safety Program that addresses the growing, harvesting, warehousing, packing, and the shipping of fruit. All the employees are properly trained to insure the safety of all products.

The Food Safety Program requires documentation and records be kept for all operations including: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Recall and Trace back, Pest Control, Maintenance, MSDS sheets, Sanitation, Inspections, and more.

Mark Whitehill is Joseph P. Sullivan & Co., Inc. Safety Director and Quality Control Inspector. Under Mark’s direction our growers and packing houses are USDA GAP and Scientific Certification System custom HACCP based GAP/GMP Program certified. We have found that growers and packers who are committed to a quality product fall in line with the food safety program. Mark is on the road every day performing unannounced quality and food safety inspections.